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A partnership for process optimisation in 3D printing
Published:  28 June, 2021

The software company CoreTechnologie and the 3D printer manufacturer Photocentric have entered into a partnership for process optimisation in 3D printing.

CoreTechnologie has developed a tailored version of its 3D printing software specifically for the requirements of Photocentric 3D printing machines and processes. In future, the tool will be delivered together with the printers of the British printing machine manufacturer.

The German-French software manufacturer CoreTechnologie and the British 3D printer manufacturer Photocentric are working together with immediate effect. The cooperation of the two established and successful companies is based on the fast, customer-oriented implementation of new ideas and production methods as well as on a broad customer base.

Easy System Connection and Handling

The CoreTechnologie 3D printing software is directly connected to the Photocentric printers via an API interface, so that all common CAD formats as well as STL models are seamlessly sent from the 3D software to the Photocentric printers.

A new, unique module to create support structures has been developed specifically for the Photocentric machines and for the SLA process, which is easy to use and enables a high level of automation. In addition, the user can modify the support structures and quickly adapt them to specific requirements.

Textures for Unique Surface Designs

In combination with the Photocentric machines, which can create particularly fine surface structures, the innovative texture module of the CoreTechnologie software delivers impressive results. Users choose from 5,000 predefined textures or apply their own patterns to 3D models to create revolutionary component designs in high quality and resolution.

With its wide range of functions for analysis and data preparation as well as enormously fast multiprocessing, the powerful software solution enables the application of logos, textures and customized surfaces.

The recent collaboration between Photocentric and CoreTechnologie brings together two global leaders of the hardware and software world to provide new solutions for LC Magna users in terms of technology, innovation and market presence in additive manufacturing.