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‘Cutting edge’ at the heart of new Robocut series
Published:  18 May, 2021

FANUC UK has unveiled the latest additions to its ROBOCUT range of wire EDM robots, the α-C400iC and α-C600iC.

The compact new models build on their predecessors, incorporating an updated casting design for greater rigidity, stability and accuracy. Offering unparalleled levels of speed and accuracy in metal fabrication by way of carefully controlled rapid current discharges, the α-C400iC has a footprint of just 1970 x 2120mm, while the α-C600iC stands at 2070 x 2650mm.

The α-C400iC is able to process workpieces of up to 500kg with an X/Y/Z-axis capacity of up to 730 x 630 x 250mm, offering significant versatility for a number of applications. The α-C600iC can handle workpieces up to 1000kg and 1050 x 820 x 300m, making it ideal for larger projects. The Z-axis of the α-C600iC can also be extended to 400mm on request, to facilitate working with particularly thick workpieces.

Consistent, high-precision cutting is achieved thanks to the taper adjustment function, even when working on complex stepped or contoured workpieces. The ROBOCUT CCR rotating table also opens up new opportunities, offering a dynamic work surface with genuine stability that provides well-needed flexibility to the cutting process.

Andy Spence, ROBOCUT product manager at FANUC UK, commented: “We wanted to build on the success of our existing ROBOCUT range, by offering versatile machines that open up new possibilities to manufacturers. A core part of our R&D process has been to enhance the core capabilities of the ROBOTCUT series by incorporating innovative features into a more compact footprint.”

Both the α-C400iC and α-C600iC come with the option for FANUC Auto3D software as standard, which measures inclination and rotation without the need for additional 3D processing software. Moreover, AI thermal displacement compensation allows easy adjustments to be made to the procedure at the operator’s convenience. Smooth or mirrored finishes can also be applied to workpieces without the need to transfer components to another machine.

To ensure as little downtime as possible, the automatic wire feeding function (AWF3) minimises wire break-related downtime, rethreading in as little as 10 seconds if a break does occur. Moreover, the integrated early warning system is capable of spotting faults before they arise, ensuring maximum reliability for both of the new ROBOCUT models.

The range supports up to 140 hours of unmanned machining, meaning parts can be prepared over the weekend ready for assembly in the week. All ROBOCUT machines come with LINKi as standard, an easy-to-use graphical interface capable of monitoring up to 32 machines in real time. In conjunction with the high levels of speed and accuracy achieved by the α-C400iC and α-C600iC, LINKi helps to streamline automation of the entire fabrication processes.

All ROBOCUT machines can be customised with a number of accessories and software to further enhance productivity in the desired sector.

For more information and full specifications on the α-C400iC and α-C600iC, visit: