Smart Machines & Factories
New technologies exhibited in a virtual interactive platform
Published:  10 February, 2021

New technologies that can be used to achieve industrial transformation have take a progressive leap forward with the virtual exhibition from OMRON, which enables visitors to walk through a 360 degree virtual tour, guiding them around ‘the factory of the future’ – one in which different innovations have been introduced to increase flexibility, enhance efficiency and boost productivity.

The solutions that are highlighted in the tour include all new robotics, vision and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. These are all based around OMRON’s ‘innovative-Automation’ concept, which seeks to revitalise the manufacturing industry by enhancing co-operation and understanding between machines and people, using intelligent, integrated and interactive solutions.

The demonstrations show a leap forward in how people and machines can work together in a new type of harmony, by illustrating how manufacturing innovations can be put to practical use in collaborative production. Innovations such as those shown can be used to improve the lives of both factory workers and consumers, and contribute towards building a better society.

Among the exhibits, visitors are shown an intelligent High-Mix Low-Volume Cell Line Control System that combines AI with the Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D vision, intelligent sensing and control, and robotics, with the aim of optimising production and minimising errors.

Visitors will also experience 3D bin picking, which is used to automate complex picking operations during assembly. The tour continues with demonstrations of safe machine tending with cobots, AI inspection of potential defects in products, and the high-precision alignment of items. It concludes with a demonstration of laser machining technology, which can improve laser processing times by over 35%.