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5G to transform technology and business
Published:  20 November, 2020

Speaking at the New Street Research and BCG 5G Conference recently, Dan Rodriguez, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of the Network Platforms Group, discussed three major inflection points driving and changing the landscape of technology and business: 5G network transformation, artificial intelligence and the rise of the intelligent edge.

In his conversation with Pierre Ferragu of New Street Research, Rodriguez said 5G converges compute and communications technologies, making it much more powerful than previous wireless technologies.

“We do believe that 5G will be transformational. It will not only support all sorts of fantastic consumer services, but it will deliver better business outcomes across a variety of industries,” Rodriguez said. “To do this, Intel has been investing significantly over the last decade to lay a foundation for 5G that is on the backs of network transformation and will enable a network that is more software-defined, agile and scalable.”

During the fireside chat, Rodriguez shared Intel’s approach to network transformation over the past 10 years, how the company has actively engaged with service providers and the industry, and the company’s strategy to accelerate 5G and edge build-out with the ecosystem.