Smart Machines & Factories
Middleware that’s far from middling
Published:  19 March, 2020

For many years Turck Banner has used smart solutions using “middleware” to interface directly to customer’s databases and ERP / MES systems. Smart Machines & Factories reports.

The Swiss company, Inasoft GmbH, offer software services in the fields of control technology and robotics, primarily specialising in projects for machine and plant engineering companies. Its dedicated team, led by the CEO, Roger Kunz, boast a high degree of experience in the database connection of industry systems.

Since 2005 Inasoft has been tackling applications and supplying solutions in key industry sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, automotive and packaging industries.

Furthermore, they are very active in the tool manufacturing, clock, medical, electric and coin industries.

Roger Kunz, CEO of Inasoft explained that such solutions are important for data collection, OEE and updating higher level systems directly from the factory floor. Inasoft solutions are based on the tried and tested SQL4automation Connector, a specially designed software solution for industrial usage that connects PLC and robotic controls directly with SQL databases.

The use of SQL4 offers many advantages over conventional data management methods. For example, with SQL4, the complete programming is carried out in the controller, as opposed to controller plus data management software used in traditional methods. Also with SQL4 the controller is the master and determines which and when data is written or read, while in a conventional system the controller is simply a data receiver. With SQL4 the controller gets data directly from the database resulting in faster communication.

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