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EVA | Robot kitchen | Customer testimonial: Karakuri | AUTOMATA
Published:  20 December, 2019

Visit our official AUTOMATA website here ► - THE APPLICATION Karakuri is a London-based startup committed to changing the way the world prepares, offers, and experiences convenience food. They utilise small robot arms as part of their 'robot chef' solutions. Eva is the centrepiece of Karakuri's low-cost 'Marley' system - designed to give customers individualised, portion-controlled servings in small-scale catering applications like ice cream and cocktails. This is a testimonial of Karakuri using Eva (low cost industrial robot) with a custom-made gripper. THE ROBOT The robot has been programmed using the Python SDK to move containers on to a scale underneath the food dispenser, wait for the food to be dispensed, before moving on to the next selection. THE SETUP Robot Arm: End-Effector/Gripper: Custom-made by Karakuri If you have more questions, please contact us at Thanks for watching, we hope this video helped you. ••• Social Media: Twitter: Linkedin: Facebook: #Automata #IndustrialRobot #Tech #Robot #Design #Innovation #Automation #FutureOfWork #Robotics #EvaRobot #Share #London