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Mesmerizing friction welding machine
Published:  06 November, 2019

Thompson subcontract friction welding provides advanced manufacturing processes for a wide variety of industrial components, across several industries. As technology partner of choice to an established portfolio of clients, Thompson has established an enviable track record of bringing friction welding process innovation to market, providing our customers with a full range of subcontract direct drive manufacturing solutions, including: • Friction welding equipment with capacities from 4 - 300 tons. • Choice of single or double ended arrangement. • Variety of load and unload options. • Internal and external flash removal. • Weld orientation facility for complex component geometries. • Market-leading, in-situ TIR measurement. • Part number stamping for traceability. • Thompson-designed software control system For more information regards Thompson subcontract friction welding, please contact our team on +44 121 585 0888 or email us at