Smart Machines & Factories
Demystifying digitalisation
Published:  18 October, 2019

According to Made Smarter, by 2030 the UK will be the global leader in the creation, adoption and export of advanced digital technologies, shaping how the modern world does business. These new technologies will enable faster, more responsive and more efficient processes to deliver improved productivity and higher quality products at a reduced cost.

But there are many UK manufacturers, especially SMEs that are still unsure of the strategy and direction they need to take to benefit from digitalisation effectively. Indeed the Made Smarter Review highlights that the adoption and application of technology is not consistent across all industrial sectors. Although the UK is well placed to do so thanks to its rapidly growing digital sector, it is not currently capitalising on that potential advantage by applying these technologies in a coordinated and strategic way in an industrial setting.

With this in mind Smart Machines & Factories has launched its own series of conferences to help manufacturers understand the opportunities out there. The latest forthcoming conference: Demystifying the jargon: How to make the digitalisation transition, takes place on 20th November 2019 at the MTC in Coventry.

Leading experts from across UK industry have been lined-up as speakers to provide a practical, jargon-free opportunity to those starting out on the digital transformation process, to experience a complete smart roadmap, highlighting the incremental stages of the 4IR journey covering all aspect of the digital transformation for all manufacturing sectors.

The forthcoming event is a genuinely unique opportunity to help both SMEs and Bluechip businesses provide a roadmap to make digitalisation solutions a reality.

Speakers will address the vast array of information around 4IR, discussing the practicalities, technologies and issues surrounding transition and implementation of digitalisation in UK manufacturing. To find out more please turn to page 37 for a full conference preview and registration details.

Also in this month’s issue of Smart Machines & Factories is the final part of GAMBICA’s three part series on digitalisation (turn to page 10).

In the third and last chapter, GAMBICA’s members will be talking about keeping your plant running and safe by highlighting how security, time, cost and safety implications of a fault on your line, or a breach in your cyber security can have serious implications. I hope readers find this final part as enlightening as the first two.

Aaron Blutstein, Editor