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Hybrid connectors now available with secondary locking
Published:  09 March, 2017

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has extended its range of Motorman hybrid connectors for decentralized servo motors and servo drives, with a “Shroud” version that includes secondary locking for improved security. There is also a new cable crimped version available for cabinet applications.

Motorman hybrid connectors integrate communication, signal and power transmission of locally controlled motors within a compact rectangular connector. Two fast Ethernet sockets offer the full benefits of real-time automation control, while reducing cabling complexity.

The new versions of the Motorman hybrid connectors are in addition to the original version for use on AC servo motors with a PCB. This is available with a robust metal enclosure suitable for harsh industrial environments, while a lower-cost version with a plastic enclosure is offered for less critical applications.

The use of decentralized servo motors and drives, now commonplace in many industries, simplifies the installation process by reducing cable requirements. In addition, demands on the climate control system in the control cabinet (where the motors and drives were traditionally located) are reduced, providing a further cost saving. Fast Industrial Ethernet, which is increasingly used to network these motors, offers the benefits of high speed data transmission and real-time control. The Motorman hybrid connector provides the decentralized technology with a single cable for power, signal and data, which enables manufacturers to optimize production to align with Industry 4.0.

TE’s Motorman hybrid connector is easy and safe to configure, and has simple diagnostic access through an easy-to-open side cover that removes the need for any cables to be disconnected. System costs are kept low due to the use of TE’s MCON interconnection system with its stamped multiple-contact-point contacts, because the processing can be done in application tooling, which guarantees high reproducibility. Customized coding features of the insert avoid connector displacement in use.

Motorman hybrid connectors are suitable for I/O connections on cabinets and panels, on drives (amplifiers), and on various types of processing, assembly and packaging machines. They are rated IP65 for water and dust protection and withstand 50g crash shock. Operating temperature range is from minus 40 up to 85 degrees Celsius. Rated voltage is 900 V.

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