Smart Machines & Factories
MRP Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling with FrePPLe
Published:  14 October, 2019

Take a look at ! For mid-sized manufacturing companies and scaleups, creating feasible material plans, capacity plans, and workforce schedules is a nightmare. At some point, it goes far beyond what an MRP system or Excel can do for you. Some may say that a human manufacturing planner outperforms planning tools due to the context when planning: many exceptions in an uncertain environment. They argue that too much complexity stands in the way of automation. They’re not entirely wrong, and yet… Our goal at frePPLe isn’t about achieving the ultimate, unflawed automation. It’s about making the planner’s life much easier so that he/she can focus on more than imports & exports. We’ve seen customers - who previously needed half a day to manually recompute a production plan - updating their estimates in minutes. This is precious time that they can invest in rebalancing stock excess, optimizing machine setups, etc. FrePPLe is a leading open-source finite capacity planning and scheduling application. It provides demand forecasting, inventory planning, and production planning capabilities. In this presentation we'll demonstrate the 2-way integration between frePPLe and Odoo, and focus on the value the combination Odoo+frePPLe brings to manufacturing companies.