Smart Machines & Factories
Edge, Cloud, Predictive, AI - There is much to consider when you digitise your Manufacturing Enterprise
Published:  11 September, 2019

FORCAM UK says: A recent article posted by Deloitte Insights stated that when designing and building an enterprise-scale IoT solution, companies must make balanced use of edge and cloud computing. This decision can help alleviate latency, increase scalability, and enhance access to information that in turn allows for faster business decisions and enterprise agility.

The digitisation of machines and processes in production brings great opportunities: higher productivity, lower cost, greater competitiveness, more job security. But the path to this goal is not always paved. Manufacturing businesses are confronted with a zoo of digital possibilities and options like cloud computing, edge computing, predictive maintenance, self-learning systems, artificial intelligence (AI) and so on.

Whether analysis, forecasts or artificial intelligence - all programs require comprehensive data (Big Data) that can be converted to useful information in the form of clear metrics, charts and graphics (Smart Data). Needless to say that this requires a powerful platform that can ultimately generate a digital twin of your production. Only precise data-driven real-time information makes a factory truly smart.

We understand that software customers are looking for only one thing: A solution to a problem.

After the 'Product Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan, we have now also received 'Best-in-Class' rating from the largest IIoT platform study conducted in Europe, the new PAC RADAR.

We worked hard in tight collaboration with scientists, companies, and experts to develop a solution that solves the connectivity issues of machines and technology not only on the shop floor but also with IT-systems on the top floor.

FORCAM FORCE™ is the only IIoT platform with MES functionality on the market. The solution offers you freedom and flexibility - NO RIP & REPLACE:

1. Simply network machines ERP systems via FORCAM plug-ins & adapter

2. Benefit quickly  via pre-installed FORCAM apps + with more than 70 pre-installed reporting functions

3. Stay flexible  with the  first open app programming interface (OPEN API) for smart manufacturing

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