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DIRA Business 2019 expands with conference
Published:  18 July, 2019

This year, DIRA Business (November 14 2019) is set to be even bigger and has been expanded with a conference with presentations from end-users from specific industries, who will among other things, share their experiences regarding automation and, not least, outline the opportunities available to automate a production process.

There is great demand for the exhibition places at the fair, which last year attracted more than 800 participants, and which is held in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute's ROBOTBRAG. If you want to be sure to exhibit at DIRA's annual Day Fair DIRA Business, book your place now.

The purpose of DIRA Business is to create strong business relationships and strengthen business through the exchange of knowledge and experience with other members and professional people in the industry.

Here, as an exhibitor and DIRA member, you have the opportunity to showcase your latest robot and automation solutions as well as the opportunity to network with people within the robot and industrial sector.

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