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Leading experts line-up for dedicated Food & Beverage digitalisation conference
Published:  17 May, 2019

Leading industry experts from across the Food & Beverage industry have been lined-up as speakers for the forthcoming dedicated digitalisation conference for the Food & Beverage industry: Demystifying the jargon: How to make the digitalisation transition, which takes place on 22nd May 2019 at the National Conference Centre, Birmingham.

The conference’s main aim is to provide a practical, jargon-free opportunity to those starting out on the digital transformation process, to experience a complete smart roadmap, highlighting the incremental stages of the 4IR journey covering all aspect of the digital transformation in the Food & Beverage sector.

Many Food & Beverage producers are increasingly adopting automation and digitalisation technologies that give them a competitive edge, allowing them to produce more efficiently and provide insightful information for decision making. Producers who lag behind will find themselves unable to compete in the smart era. Technologies that used to be optional are now required for plants and factories that want to remain competitive in a rapidly changing, cost-competitive landscape.

The forthcoming event is a unique opportunity to help both SMEs and Bluechip businesses provide a roadmap to bring these automation and digitalisation solutions to your organisation.

Speakers will address the vast array of information around 4IR, discussing the practicalities, technologies and issues surrounding transition and implementation of digitalisation in the Food & Beverage sector.

Victoria Montag - Sector head, for Industrial Automation at GAMBICA – the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK – will start the conference by introducing the range of opportunities that industrial digitalisation presents for the British food & beverage industry over the next decade.

Further seminars will be led by other leading figures in the Food & Beverage industry, such as Keith Thornhill, Siemens Digital Factory, head of Food & Beverage - UK and Ireland, who will look at how in a landscape of production having to be more productive, efficient and agile to cope with our appetites that require extra choice and multiple buying options, this conundrum can only be solved with greater deployment of digitalisation and automation.

While Steve Sands, Industry 4.0 spokesperson for Festo UK, will pose the challenges faced by the Food & Beverage industry and examine some of the solutions that new digitalisation technologies can help with.

Chris McComb - managing director, iTech –Troon, will also discuss how the increased prevalence of digitalisation in today’s society means more and more key players in the Food & Beverage industry are looking to embrace technology to deliver fundamental improvements in their businesses. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” is more widespread now than it has ever been.

The Manufacturing Technology Centre’s (MTC) chief engineer for Food, Beverage Matt Rayment, will focus on how Food & Beverage producers can implement automation and digitalisation technologies that give them a competitive edge, and allows them to produce more efficiently and provide insightful information for decision making.

The benefits of edge computing in the Food and Beverage industry will also be a key topic under discussion. Syed Naqvi, regional business development manager – IIoT, Stratus Technologies, will highlight the importance of on-premise computing solutions as part of the transition to Smart manufacturing and logistic operations.

The variety of practical case study seminars are also a key feature of this conference, which is highlighted by Dave Scott, founder & CTO, of Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) who will present the journey of the company’s development of viable commercial vertical farming enabled through a fully integrated automation architecture, IoT enabled system for remote monitoring and control, big data analysis of system parameters and variables incorporating AI for process optimisation.

Other seminars will include: World Class Manufacturing (WCM) and the Industrial Internet of Things, presented by John Roberts, director of Idhammar Systems, who will discuss that as the manufacturing sector continues to evolve and competition levels continue to rise, organisations are looking to enhance and streamline their processes, with many turning to World Class Manufacturing (WCM) as the solution to remove all inefficiencies and loss in the process.

In addition, Aviran Yaacov, CEO of EcoPlant, will discuss in his presentation: Efficiency through AI: The story of a dairy factory, how innovative technologies are penetrating the production lines.

There will also be a panel discussion on the next steps towards transitioning and implementing a digital future in the Food & Beverage industry.

All delegates will receive a recognised certificate of attendance and gain CPD points through our membership and recognition through the CPD Certification Service.

Demystifying the jargon: How to make the digitalisation transition is organised by DFA Media Ltd. The event is the first of a series of three sector specific Smart Industry Conferences throughout 2019:

Smart Industry

Food & Beverage

22nd May 2019

National Conference Centre, Birmingham

Smart Industry


12th September 2019

Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre, Coventry

Smart Industry


6th November 2019

The Bristol Hotel, Bristol

The conference is co-located alongside the Motion & Control Industry Awards (MCIA).

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