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Brexit, uncertainty and moving beyond
Published:  02 February, 2017

SOMERSET CAPITOL says recent downturns and troubling economic matters have demonstrated that uncertainty breeds timidity and cautious attitudes towards corporate investment are bantered about whenever there is even the smallest bit of less than appealing news in the global macroeconomic outlook. The company says now enter Brexit, a both legitimate and media-frenzied gift to fueling uncertain mindsets and fear that keeps capital on the sidelines with growth reserved in favour of preparing for troubling weather, but with regard to capital expenditures, does this have to be the way?

Somerset says equipment acquisition for many companies fuels growth, efficient operations and even overall profitability and economic uncertainty usually has detrimental impacts on equipment issues. The “Great Recession” is said to have led to once in a lifetime operational inefficiencies due to aged, outdated and generally un-modernised facilities and assets due to companies reducing capital expenditures to nearly nothing for far too long, but Brexit doesn’t have to be an example of history repeating itself. Somerset says what if you could still keep projects moving, put new revenue producing equipment in-service or even drive additional capital from your asset base while reducing risk, increasing cash flows and preserving delicate budgets?

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