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Industry 4.0 webinar – from factory floor to the cloud and back again
Published:  06 June, 2018

A webinar that takes a look at the topic of digitisation in manufacturing and considers the process of connecting mechanical automation components to the cloud and how to derive insights from the vast amount of data collected, is being organised by Festo.

The webinar will use some examples from the company’s current product range in this area including the Festo Motion Terminal, Energy Saving Retro-fit Solutions, Handling Systems, Internet Gateway, Cloud Solutions and Dashboards. In addition attendees will leave the webinar with: - A copy of the Technical Paper 'Using the Festo IoT Gateway in Enterprise Networks’ and an Infographic of key terms surrounding Industry 4.0

Festo is one of four industry representatives on the steering board for the German Government’s high-tech strategy. The company manufactures many of its products in its own Industry 4.0 SMART factory and uses this experience to help other companies explore and develop their own strategies for applying Industry 4.0 concepts.

The webinar, which is being run by Steve Sands - Industry 4.0 Spokesperson for Festo in the UK - explained that it is aimed at individuals looking for practical ways to begin to connect automation components to the cloud and generate value from the data. Steve said he will acknowledge some of the challenges associated with connecting components and will use examples from Festo's current product range to illustrate what is possible now and in the near future including:

• The Festo Motion Terminal

• Energy Saving Retro-fit Solutions

• Handling Systems

• Internet Gateway

• Cloud Solutions and Dashboards

The webinar is at 9am on 26th June. You can join it by following the link below:

Industry 4.0 – from factory floor to the cloud and back again