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Overcoming the challenges of autonomous vehicle development
Published:  28 October, 2021
5 disruptive industry trends driving Autonomous Vehicle development

Today’s automotive industry is experiencing unprecedented changes driven by powerful digital technologies and other industry trends such as:

Disruptive innovations forcing traditional car manufacturers to change radically

The explosion of electronics and electrical systems in automotive products

Artificial Intelligence accelerating the pace of innovation

The influx of technology-oriented automotive start-ups into the market

Increasing consumer demand for autonomous driving systems and advanced driver assistance systems

While disruptive innovations continue to impact the automotive industry, it is time for car manufacturers to focus on overcoming the challenges of autonomous vehicle development and the complexities of E/E architecture.

Siemens has created a free eBook that outlines these trends and challenges and how Siemens E/E System Development solutions for Autonomous Vehicles can provide automakers with advanced electrical, network communications, embedded software, and E/E architecture tools to tackle the challenges of the new automotive landscape.

Download the Ebook here