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Getting connected essential, but challenging
Published:  13 October, 2021
Jose Sanchez, Head of Product Line Management Solutions, Thales

Connected IoT devices and smart solutions have expanded into all aspects of our lives powering everything from smart meters to connected cars to intelligent healthcare applications. Connecting devices, equipment and operations means that real-time data and analytics can improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Getting connected is essential, but it’s also challenging. Deploying geographically diverse, global IoT installations has traditionally required a different product stock-keeping unit (SKU) for each and every Mobile Network Operator (MNO) plus complicated and costly warehousing and installation logistics. In addition, a wide variety of service agreements and mobile roaming contracts must be negotiated and managed to keep installations constantly connected for the duration of the IoT device lifespan, which can last more than 10 years.

Connectivity Activation from Thales is revolutionising the way connectivity is delivered and managed helping to simplify the IoT journey for OEMs and service providers.

In the latest Mover & Shaker interview with Future Digital Award Winners Thales, Juniper Research sat down with Jose Sanchez, Head of Product Line Solutions. They discussed the drivers behind the rapid growth of IoT devices, the challenges faced in deploying IoT platforms, and explore their brand new service, Cinterion IoT Suite Connectivity Activation.

 "For 25 years, we’ve worked with customers in a wide range of critical industries – from smart grids, smart cities, and connected cars to security systems, tracking and tracing applications, and logistics," said Sanchez. "The common thread is the crucial need for trusted, secure IoT solutions and seamless connections."

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