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Collaboration app brings knowledge sharing to the connected worker
Published:  12 October, 2021
AVEVA Teamwork app from SolutionsPT aids connected workers to collaborate

Cutting edge collaboration app AVEVA Teamwork, available from SolutionsPT, brings knowledge sharing and collaboration capability to a digitally transformed workforce.

It is widely understood that in the age of digital transformation, skills management and knowledge sharing has the potential to re-invent plant floor operations. A truly connected Worker is rapidly becoming an enterprise’s most valuable asset.

Now, SolutionsPT is helping enable a new standard in industrial excellence for all UK and Ireland enterprises with the release and distribution of the AVEVA Teamwork Software as a Service (SaaS) App.

Designed to enable better human collaboration in industrial environments, AVEVA Teamwork addresses the growing skills gap within industry through personal development, knowledge sharing and collaboration management. Resulting in more connected workers, a team of operators using Teamwork gains access to enterprise-wide information in real-time which is tailored to the specific job role or task of the user.

This reduces the time it takes to get frontline workers up to speed on basic skills and streamlines support requests through digital collaboration tools such as in-app live video conferencing.

With a provable 50% reduction in training time and an organisation-wide worker productivity increase of 18%, AVEVA Teamwork allows more time for employees to spend on their skilled specialty, as well as a platform through which to share their knowledge with other workers.

AVEVA Teamwork is a powerful tool for meeting many of the challenges of traditional training within industrial organisations and automatically compiles a digital repository that stores best practices and detailed process knowledge, reducing the operational impact when experienced workers retire.

“The skills gap is not an isolated issue, 78% of manufacturing leaders are worried about an aging workforce and training is now a top investment priority, says Andy Graham, Solutions Manager, SolutionsPT. "A worrying statistic around industrial operations is that only a tiny 4% of workplace learning is formal and this contributes to around 84% of quality costs being caused by worker errors

"AVEVA Teamwork goes a long way to resolving this issue by giving operators real-time access to important data and a direct line to experts who can solve any issue. This real-time knowledge sharing offers huge efficiency improvements to operators, whether they are just starting out at a company, or have been a valued employee for many years.”

A connected worker in an enterprise that has deployed AVEVA Teamwork can stay up to date with a rolling news feed of critical information – a format that most people will recognise and understand instantly from social media dashboards. By segmenting communication channels to ensure only the relevant data is seen, assigning tasks and issues through user tagging, and documenting specific equipment best practices to improve efficiency gains, companies can deliver a step-change in efficiency.

New individuals entering the workforce can undertake multi-step training programmes with curated exams and content based on location and job role. They are also able to continue learning outside of the facility or in a classroom using live data via a secure cloud connection. If they any experience any issues they can review photos and videos of the problem being solved previously or be routed directly, in-app, to the most relevant expertise.

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