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Robots on the health front line
Published:  04 October, 2021
Raducanu of Engineering Putting Robots on Health Front Line Enginuity Ambassador Pride of the Nation

An inspirational award-winning young British engineer, dubbed the ‘Raducanu of Engineering’, has been praised for her role developing a robotic pharmaceutical testing system now on the health frontline.

Robotics expert Davina Kaur, aged 19, from Hinkley, who now lives and works in Middlesbrough has had a momentous year culminating in being appointed an Enginuity Ambassador – representing the engineering and advanced manufacturing sectors.

Davina is a shining example of the Best of British Engineering – an award bestowed on her earlier this year by Enginuity.

Ann Watson, CEO of The Enginuity Group said: “Davina is the Raducanu of engineering! It goes to show how quickly brilliant, dedicated engineers can make a difference.

“She emerged winning our Best of British Engineering Awards and is taking the World by storm.

“Engineers and engineering are humanity’s hope - it is down to them to forge a sustainable future for mankind. No one else can deliver that.”

Speaking at the launch of the 2022 Enginuity Awards, Davina said: “British engineering has so much to proud of. The Enginuity award - and now being appointed as an ambassador for the organisation has given me a real lift.

“My life is changing for the better so quickly and now the future couldn’t be more exciting.

“Engineering is the future of our nation and the World and should be celebrated.”

The ultra-high achiever from the West Midlands decided to tell the World how far she had come from.

Enginuity is at the heart of engineering in the UK, acting a focal point for and a voice for the sector that is crucial for the post pandemic recovery.

Entries for the 2022 Enginuity Awards are now open.

Nominations can be made at: