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Next-generation tool
Published:  02 September, 2021
MODS today announced the latest release of MODS Reality™,

MODS has announced the latest release of MODS Reality, one of the newest offerings to be launched in 2021, upgraded with additional offering due to positive market feedback. MODS Reality 2.0 is a next-generation tool for managing Energy Sector assets' visualisation data.

The company says this software can significantly increase ROI for its customers utilising their imagery data, therefore mitigating safety and financial risk during fabrication, engineering, construction, and maintenance tasks.

“This solution empowers Owner Operators, Contractors, Surveyors, Engineering, Fabrication, Maintenance and Construction departments through immersive 360-degree site visits from anywhere in the world.” says Jon Bell CEO at MODS Management  “We are a specialist software company serving the Energy Sector. MODS Reality manages your assets' visualisation data to digitally transform how your projects are planned, controlled, and executed safely, on time, and within budget at a very economical price offering”

Matthew Bell director of EMEA Operations and lead in delivering this project adds “There are so many avoidable costs when talking of wasted manhours, delays, slow paper-based processes, which can soon add up into the millions when projects lack visualisation, transparency, are paper-based and labor intensive. MODS Reality offers a Project visualisation solution which can deliver real value on your project and help realise the budget-saving changes vital to sustaining economic viability.”

Features and benefits of MODS Reality include.

• Improved safety and sustainability through increased awareness, fewer site visits better analysis and mitigation of avoidable risks

• Transparency between operators, contractors, stakeholders, and project team improving collaboration and understanding of real-time issues

• Error elimination using data sharing and automation

• Advanced definition of scopes and estimate compilation, using linked documents, visuals, and auto-population

• Alert and status notifications notifying technical issues, approvals and image sharing requests

• Customisable Report generator with revision control for a digital, paperless process