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AI-based predictive maintenance solutions
Published:  20 August, 2021
Quartzelec teams up with NanoPrecise – an automated AI-based predictive maintenance solutions specialist

With the growing focus towards enhancing and monitoring the operational performance of rotating electrical machines, Quartzelec, a leading independent engineering group, has signed a partnership agreement with Canada headquartered automated AI-based predictive maintenance solutions specialists NanoPrecise.

Complementing Quartzelec’s already highly successful LIFEVIEW suite of partial discharge (PD) monitoring solutions and the increasingly popular Motion Amplification surveys, the NanoPrecise range of wireless, non intrusive and scalable technologies will further enhance the company’s market and machine monitoring presence in the global industry and infrastructure markets.

NanoPrecise offers an AI + IoT based analytics approach using Machine Doctor sensors & RotationLF software that diagnoses machine-health by recording the real-time RPM, sound, vibration, temperature, humidity, magnetic flux, and other key parameters to detect anomalies in near real time, in-order to predict the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of machine components. The system empowers user/operators to carefully manage operational decisions that may cause major damage or unplanned downtime.

With Quartzelec;’s LIFEVIEW system offering PD, shaft voltage and airgap flux monitoring typically on large, high voltage motors and generators, for those in critical drive positions or remote locations, the option to offer clients additional parameter measurement has proved exceptionally advantageous.

When fitted, the NanoPrecise sensors can detect and report even small changes in machine operation, before any impact to operation and production occurs. Interconnectivity is provided by either encrypted WiFi, built around 802.11 protocols, or for more remotely located machines via secure cellular and Bluetooth technology that is already supported in over 100 countries.

“Asset breakdowns can happen without warning and the challenge has always been to spot the signs early enough to schedule repairs,” states Paul Oliver, business manager of Quartzelec’s Aberdeen based operations.

“LIFEVIEW is a key component in reducing total cost of ownership over the lifetime of a machine and an integral element of any reliability centred maintenance (RCM) and repair strategy. By focusing on early detection solutions our customers can cost effectively implement preventative maintenance and so avoid costly and sometimes catastrophic machine failures. Having the luxury of further enhancing our offering to include additional monitoring solutions that complement our PD and wider condition monitoring solutions should create a formidable, compelling, and cost-effective package of solutions.”

Brian Forrest, managing director from NanoPrecise added “we are delighted to have Quartzelec on-board as an official distributor. Their expertise and recognition in the field of rotating machines is second to none and we welcome the shared challenge of monitoring critical machine drives – preventing unplanned downtime and predicting machine issues in advance.”