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New bionic robot concepts are inspired by elephants, octopuses and the human arm
Published:  24 May, 2017

Festo, supplier of automation equipment, has unveiled three new lightweight robotic concepts for handling with pneumatics, working in collaboration with humans.

While the BionicCobot is inspired by the natural movement of the human arm, the BionicMotionRobot is inspired by the way elephant trunks or octopus tentacles move, and the way they wrap around objects was the inspiration behind the OctopusGripper.

All three projects show what hazard-free, direct human-robot collaboration could look like in future and were among the future-oriented concepts that Festo’s Bionic Learning Network showcased at the Hannover Messe 2017 trade fair in April.

The strict separation between the tasks of humans and those of robots is now making way for a more collaborative working space. The latest bionic lightweight robots from Festo are ideally suited for safe human-robot collaboration due to their natural movement patterns and their inherently compliant pneumatics. Festo believes that the evolution of these lightweight cobots demonstrates a new, cost-efficient alternative to classic robot concepts for the future.