Smart Machines & Factories
Preparing for the smart manufacturing era - a banking perspective

Aaron Blutstein spoke to Dave Atkinson, UK head of manufacturing, Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, about the key issues facing UK manufacturing, Industry 4.0, investment and Brexit.

The great IIoT challenges

Smart Machines & Factories spoke to Andy Bailey, solutions architect, at Stratus Technologies, about what today's industrial operator needs to know about adopting IIoT.

The future is collaborative

Aaron Blutstein spoke to Per Kloster Poulsen, regional sales director at Universal Robots‬, about the use of cobot technology in the UK in a smart manufacturing era.

Getting robot ready for the factory of the future

As global manufacturers gear up for ‘Industry 4.0’, Smart Machines & Factories asked Mike Wilson, general industry sales & marketing manager for ABB Robotics what UK manufacturers should be doing to ensure they’re not left behind.