Smart Machines & Factories
Four opportunities for machine-builders to increase revenues

Leading machine builders estimate that 20% of their revenue will come from digital services in 5 years. What’s your vision and plan?

Bringing products to market faster

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has set up the Global Lighthouse Network — a group of 69 factories that form a shining example of superior technology integration and optimised processes.  With the fourth industrial revolution well underway, facilities other than Lighthouse factories must also invest in equipment that can bring them up to speed. Here, Stewart Goulding, managing director at precision drive system supplier, Electro Mechanical Systems Ltd, explores how powerful and high precision micromotors can advance automated equipment.

Futureproof digital manufacturing facilities are all about responsive, data-driven operations. Advanced industrial networks that incorporate Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) are key enablers for such systems. By selecting them, companies can benefit from high-speed, reliable communications for smart manufacturing applications.
Technology is a gamechanger

Christian Bergdahl, product marketing manager at HMS Industrial Networks, a member of the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA), explains why the technology is a gamechanger and how the company is getting ready to launch its first TSN compatible products.

Neil Ballinger, head of EMEA at EU Automation explains how to achieve intelligent automation by combining process automation with artificial intelligence.
Achieving intelligent automation

Neil Bellinger, head of EMEA at automation parts supplier EU Automation explains how to achieve intelligent automation by combining process automation with artificial intelligence.

Strategic data analysis is also gaining momentum in the production environment
Data analysis is key to gaining momentum in the production environment

Whenever "Big Data" is mentioned, most people think of social media or the analysis of customer behaviour in online commerce. However, strategic data analysis is also gaining momentum in the production environment.

Overcoming the challenges associated with smart manufacturing

Big data is transforming a variety of sectors, ushering them into the era of Industry 4.0. However, having access to raw data and knowing what to do with it are at completely different ends of the digitalisation spectrum.

The last twelve months has demonstrated that the ability to diversify product offerings can provide a serious competitive advantage
Diversification offers a serious competitive advantage

Companies who have had the ability to diversify their product offerings over the last twelve months have reaped the benefits by having a serious competiive advantage, but why are so many manufacturers struggling to adapt? Martyn Williams explains.

Unifying the process control network through a single gateway
Successful component integration

Greg Wainhouse, field segment manager for Water at Bürkert explains how to optimise process control integration.

Barry Weller, Solutions Marketing Manager – OEM at Mitsubishi Electric, looks at how to identify what type of robot best suits your application and how to integrate it.
Industrial or collaborative robot?

Barry Weller, Solutions Marketing Manager – OEM at Mitsubishi Electric, looks at how to identify what type of robot best suits your application and how to integrate it.

, Jon Divers, Customer Service Director, Jungheinrich UK considers the creation of a smart workforce
Creating a safe and smart workforce

Jon Divers, customer service director, Jungheinrich UK considers the creation of a smart workforce and the evolving skillset for the material handling and logistics engineers of tomorrow.

Welcome to the future

Innovative automation projects for manufacturers 

Robot shuttles for smart cities

Robot Shuttles are not Robotaxis, Explains IDTechEx

E-CAD integration reduces time to market

The time to market for automation system design and development has reportedly decreased by up to 80% for a control technology specialist following the introduction of a comprehensive electrical system design package.

Reclaiming manufacturing “real estate”

New servo drive technology completes Beckhoff portfolio supporting smaller, modular plant designs 

Automation projects for manufacturers

Some of the world’s biggest companies are coming up with cutting-edge technology such as automated warehousing solutions to streamline all sorts of tasks, from picking and packing to greeting visitors. In this article, Neil Balligner, head of EMEA at automation parts supplier EU Automation, showcases three examples of futuristic, highly automated projects that could inspire the manufacturers of today.

HMI/SCADA software trial offers boosted efficiency

Automation specialist calls on UK manufacturers to strengthen efficiency in their operations 

Keeping car plant robots working with condition-based maintenance

The need to keep automotive production lines running at their optimum performance requires that the machinery and equipment used in those lines should be doing the same. Smart Machines & Factories looks at at how condition-based maintenance can help make sure that those robots most in need of attention on a factory floor receive the care they need to keep them in good working order.

Don’t leave it too late to automate

Unlike many of our European counterparts, the UK has been slow to automate. But a perfect storm of Brexit and Covid-19 is set to fast-track our robotics revolution. Here, David Jahn, director of Brillopak, explains how 2021 is poised to become the year that robotic arms finally replace human hands at food manufacturing sites’ end of line packing operations…

Securing OT systems against cyber-attack

David Bean looks at the fundamental aspects that need to be considered, including suitable system level design, risk management, system intrusion detection and automation platform vulnerability management.

Bringing zero touch measurement to UK & Irish manufacturers

Industrial metrology supplier The Sempre Group has partnered with advanced metrology solutions provider DWFritz Automation.

Why IoT doesn’t have to be complex

In the words of American author and motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, “complexity is the enemy of execution”.

Looking to the future

The future potential of process control systems - By Matt Hale, international sales & marketing director, HRS Heat Exchangers

Protocols provide TSN with the needed extra application layers for industrial automation applications

As the digital transformation of industry continues to advance, Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) could become a must-have for the factories of the future. While this technology offers advanced capabilities able to enhance production, it is not a standalone solution. In fact, TSN is part of the Ethernet standards and still needs upper-level protocols to support industrial automation applications effectively. So what will be the future relationship between TSN and these higher level protocols?

Digital twins are set to usher in a new and exciting digital era

Asite, a leading digital transformation platform, has launched a new report examining the foundations required to build and implement a valuable digital twin.

Simplifying condition monitoring of balance of plant equipment

Knowing the health of your important assets is critical to achieving production and business goals. Gary Ingram, sales manager for reliability solutions at Emerson, explains how edge analytics devices are helping to simplify the implementation of online monitoring systems.