Smart Machines & Factories

About us

Smart Machines & Factories is the UK’s first dedicated journal focusing on the fourth industrial revolution
and transforming to a smart manufacturing era.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) has changed the way industry thinks about manufacturing.
Industry 4.0 is the fourth step in this series of revolutions. The idea relies on sophisticated software and machines that communicate with each other to optimise production.
However in the UK there is an enormous information vacuum, and many companies need guidance in order to prepare for this transformation. The key to the success of implementing Industry 4.0 is forming close networks with all stakeholders involved in their production processes. Smart Machines & Factories journal will show readers how.

Readers will be able to learn about a range of issues including advanced automation, digitally networked production plants, design methods including 3D CAD/ CAM, smart grid technologies, new production processes such as 3D printing, and next-generation industrial robots - including collaborative robots (cobots).

In addition the journal will also cover Predictive Maintenance 4.0, IT-based automation solutions that will bring fundamental change to all in-factory processes, IT security, as well as smart technologies that manage and coordinate power, gas and heat networks so that capacity can be balanced and optimally deployed across the entire energy system – integrated energy. Plus much more.

Smart Machines & Factories will cover all sectors of industry from industrial automation and energy to predictive maintenance, supply, power transmission and control and R&D.

No other publication provides such in-depth insight and analysis into tomorrow’s integrated factories. Smart Machines & Factories journal is a vital tool to help UK manufacturers prepare for the fourth industrial revolution and the Industrial Internet of Things.

In addition, complementing Smart Machines & Factories journal is the comprehensive online portal: which helps professionals who want to stay current on every aspect of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things.

DFA Media has an unrivalled publishing reputation in the motion and control, engineering, technology, and maintenance sectors, producing market-leading journals, with some dating back over thirty years. The journal portfolio is recognised for its highly focused editorial profile, respected researched circulation and thorough industry representation. This editorial approach ensures maximum reader interest and guarantees that Smart Machines & Factories is highly targeted for advertisers.